Welcome to REBEL REBEL. We have been working with flowers – beautiful, fresh, fragrant flowers - since 2000 and are very proud to have established our reputation for originality, creativity and uncompromising quality. We are genuinely inspired by the first magnolia blossoms of the year – even at 5am on a freezing cold, dark, January morning! - and we never lose that enthusiasm, bringing it to everything we do.

We explore New Covent Garden Flower Market every day, hand-picking the freshest, most perfect flowers for our weddings, our events and our Broadway Market shop.

We are known for our naturalistic, seasonal approach. We glorify flowers in their seasons and personally source British suppliers wherever possible: Narcissi from the Scillies; Widow Iris and Anemones from Cornwall, Roses from Essex. One of our signature – and most popular - styles is to follow the wild form of the flowers and foliage, emphasising and celebrating their natural grace.

We are rebels too and love to be bold, experimental and colourful. We positively relish unusual clashing combinations, or presenting flowers in an unexpected way, such as bursting out of a vintage handbag.

We are friendly and approachable and thoroughly enjoy bringing our clients’ visions to life. Please call us or come to our shop to see what we do.